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Gay News, Articles & Fun Stuff
Beating Transsexual Not Hate Crime Judge Rules
West Palm Beach, Florida) A teenager who severely beat a transsexual last year is not guilty of a hate crime a Palm Beach County Juvenile Court judge has ruled...
Forgotten Inequality: GLBT Prisoners
Same-sex marriage, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, ENDA. These are the sexy topics in the GLBT civil rights movement...
Elizabeth Edwards supports gay marriage
Disagrees with presidential hopeful husband Jun 25, 2007. Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards, kicked off San Francisco's annual gay pride parade Sunday by splitting with her husband over support for legalized gay marriage.
Watch Debbie Harry's new video!
Debbie Harry, superstar of '80s New Wave group Blondie, blasts back onto the dance floors with her new album, "Necessary Evil." Gwen Stefani and Madonna can just step aside for the...
White meat only?
The phenomenon of men of color being exclusively attracted to white men brings about a certain level of curiosity. Of course, it is impossible to cover the entire range of reasons why this may occur ...
Dr. Omar Milwalla looks at why guys lie online.
When I first began posting in 1993, I was already past prime time. At first I revealed my age (I was 50 then and I'm 63 now) and readers can't imagine the shit I got from declaring that I was at the half-century mark. Thus, I went covert, put up pictures that weren't me, and used...
For those into the "mighty mini".
In a gay world preoccupied with size, it's hard to find a weighty discussion about guys who prefer small penises to large ones. In fact, there seems to be almost no information out there about this fascinating turn-on. So, let's add some serious inches to what we know about the psychology of the small-penis seeker...
"Slick" Advice
Are you the guy who grabs for the hand lotion, conditioner or whatever else during his need to slick things up a bit? When it comes to lube, it really pays to be educated and prepared, because the right lube can not only enhance your pleasure but also protect your health...
"Jerusalem Pride Bucks Riots, Hatred
Defying anti-gay rioting, threats of bloodshed, opposition from Israel's prime minister and Jerusalem's mayor, a vote by Israel's parliament, and rabbinical curses, some 2,000 courageous people staged a dignified Gay Pride march in central Jerusalem on Thursday, June 21...
Is this our 'marriage moment'?
Now that Gay marriage is safe in Massachusetts, will the rest of us finally win recognition as well?...
First Gay 'divorce' postponed
A gay man who was set to make legal history by becoming one of the first people to "divorce" by dissolving a civil partnership yesterday decided to delay proceedings to avoid entering the record books...
"Another Gay Movie" - (View Trailer of this new movie)
A must see, its raunchy , outrageous and funny!....
"Famous Gay Movie Actors Past & Present - Article "
While very few gay and lesbian actors have been permitted the luxury of openness, many of them have nevertheless challenged and helped reconfigure notions of masculinity and femininity and, to a lesser extent, of homosexuality...
"My Gay Stories" - a small collection of gay stories
An interesting collection of erotic gay stories... enjoy!
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